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The dream originated in 2009, whilst guiding the notorious outer atolls of the Indian Ocean….where Founder, Jako Lucas, who was no longer satisfied with simply taking photos of the amazing trips and fish being caught on fly, started experimenting with film and developing his knowledge and skill of this specialized profession.

From there, Captain Jack Films was officially established in 2012, with the pure desire to share the exhilarating experience of fly-fishing in some of the world’s most remote and complex fisheries as well as to entice the younger generation to explore some of the lessor known locations on offer by filming and sharing these exclusive settings… Resulting in the formation of Captain Jack Films.

Founder, Jako Lucas, not only represented his own country from an early age in various competitions fishing South Africa’s premier salt and freshwater destinations, but also has extensive guiding experience spanning more than a decade.

Jako Lucas

Jako, is not only a filmmaker and photographer but he has been guiding professionally since 2006.

Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, he completed his B.Com in Marketing from the University of Johannesburg. During his formative years he spent many weekends cultivating his skills, which led to his decision to pursue fishing as a professional career.

His move to London, UK, saw him start his fishing career at the prestigious Farlows of Pall Mall, where he continued fishing many of the UK fisheries. Furthermore he worked at Sportfish – participating in various fishing shows including The CLA Game Fair.

In terms of his expertise and in-depth knowledge, visit our services and it will shed some light on the stamps in his passport.

RA Beattie

RA Beattie started Beattie Outdoor Productions (BOP) after graduating from the University of Puget Sound in 2005. A fly fishing guide in the mountains of Colorado throughout high school and college, Beattie has combined his passion for fly fishing and photography to create numerous short films about the fly fishing lifestyle. Over the years, BOP has been fortunate enough to shoot photography on every continent including Antarctica. As of late, the company has expanded its focus to include media production outside of the fly fishing industry.

Like most anglers, we spend every waking moment thinking about fish, not to mention the sleeping moments, as well as the gaps of time in between. The only difference is that most anglers are solely contemplating how to catch fish. We are thinking about how to catch fish, of course, but we are also consumed with how to subsequently document the process in a beautifully unique and soulful way.

Austin Trayser

With a journalistic background with an emphasis in storytelling. His editorial style photography, commercial photography and videography. From single image sales to world travel full productions. Austin’s travels have taken him all over the world with camera in hand, greeting people with respect and dignity, allowing individuals to tell him their real stories. He has learned a lot from people by simply listening and asking questions.

His approach to film making has developed from his days of still shooting; dreaming, visualizing, planning and making it happen. Paying close attention to details, light and composition to capture a story with a dynamically compelling voice. Specialties: Photography, commercial photography, branding, film production, relationship building, journalism, photojournalism.

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